Shibumi was firstly founded on 16th of March 2018 as a “new idea”. This “new idea” meaning to form a Company based in Dubai empowering businesses that improve the state of our global society and greater planet. More specifically an idea to establish a Company investing in companies with disruptive potential in the areas of food, energy, water, construction and Built-Enviroment. The companies to be invested in should provide a net benefit to society by enhancing production, minimizing waste, providing greater efficiency or helping to solve core societal problems.

The Company’s name also has a significant meaning to it. Shibumi, a japanese word, meaning 'effortless perfection'. Anything that is Shibumi is quiet in refinement, noble and fulfilling in a manner that is not shaped exclusively by analytical thought.

Shibumi is duly established in 20th of June 2018 registered in Dubai Multi Commodities Centre as in the full name of Shibumi International DMCC as a venture capital vehicle that is fully owned subsidiary of Gulermak Suisse S.A.

And since, Shibumi is focused to take investment decisions focused on expertise and teamwork with basic and quantitative analysis and research-oriented approach. The Company’s general mandate is Built Environment by giving added value from the abilities of Shibumi. What is important to Shibumi is that the importance of “new innovative ideas/projects” rather than quantity. Eventually without prejudice to original mandate of Built Enviroment, Shibumi does not limit itself with that scope.