ECOncrete® has developed the world’s first proven bio-enhancing concrete products for urban, coastal and marine construction. Contractors, engineers, landscape architects, states and cities trust our products to meet the highest concrete performance standards while improving water quality and enhancing biological diversity. ECOncrete®'s unique biological traits encourage biogenic buildup. They also provide substantial structural and economic advantages in terms of increased stability and longevity, as well as a reduction in maintenance costs.

Sofant’s innovative antenna™ technology dramatically reduces the cost of producing and operating wireless network equipment while improving performance, simplifying design and reducing power consumption.


XtreeE is an advanced industrial concrete 3D printing platform that enables project owners, architects and engineers, designers and contractors to produce large scale 3D printed elements. This state of the art company is able to digitally fabricate large complex structures at competitive prices without the need for molds utilizing ultra-high performance concrete. For more information: www.xtreee.com

Skypull is an airborne wind energy company that utilities an autonomous tethered drone which enables the wind to be harnessed at altitudes that are unattainable for traditional wind turbines. The device takes off and lands as a drone, but once airborne it converts to a box-wing kite, pulling the tether attached to a ground-based generator. It can be employed in the spots where the low-altitude wind is insufficient for traditional turbines and is designed to produce energy at a cost 20% lower than traditional wind turbines.
Aquatrace is an innovative IoT company that enables the performance and integrity of a buildings waterproofing membrane to be monitored in real-time. The company is able to identify the moment a building’s waterproofing membrane has been compromised and the exact location where it has happened. The solution is robust, cost effective and can reduce considerable risk across the construction value chain. For more information please contact Dr. Diramuid Jackson at diarmuid.jackson@aquatrace.global
Hustro is a software company focused on identifying issues of time and cost early and collecting supporting data sets surrounding these issues in an easy to access central location. This application intends to identify issues early in a project to avoid costly legal disputes and should a conflict arise provide the best possible data set to ensure avoid a costly legal dispute. More information: www.hustro.com

Sustonable is an engineered stone finishing material made from quartz and recycled PET. The product is fully recyclable and the lightweight panels can be used for countertops, interior wall panels or as a substitute for other for hard surfaces. The finish is customizable, the price point competitive and it is environmentally friendly.

Join us at www.sustonable.com

LightYX is an innovative startup in the construction-tech industry that has recently been chosen as THE most promising Israeli startup in the construction-tech arena and one of the top 5 global startups in construction for 2019 (“Builtworld”, Germany) and has been recognized as one of the most promising projects in deep tech to date (“Hello tomorrow”, Paris). It was founded by 3 experienced engineers that have previously held senior roles in global technology companies.

LightYX is developing a unique robotic system that projects an Augmented Reality of construction blueprints using a laser onto any surface with an accuracy of millimeters. The system has the ability to highlight quality control issues without being intrusive to the workers on-site using advanced machine vision technics.