XtreeE is a French startup specializing in large-scale 3D printing for construction. Thanks to its advanced technology, protected by ten international patents, XtreeE has become a platform that allows project owners, project managers, architects, engineers, product designers, construction and prefabrication companies to design and produce optimized, desirable and sustainable constructive systems. For more information: www.xtreee.com

Aquatrace is a building technology company that has developed an IoT enabled membrane that is capable of monitoring the performance of a waterproofing membrane in real-time and is also capable of identifying the location and severity of a leak in the event of a leak. For more information please contact Dr. Diramuid Jackson at diarmuid.jackson@aquatrace.global
Hustro is a startup created by ex-lawyers, construction professionals and digital product experts created to help general contractors specialized in the capital projects. The team is developing advanced software for data gathering, construction monitoring, and risk detection to tackle high legal costs, productivity issues and communication gaps that arise during the construction process. More information: www.hustro.com