We focus on projects that bring innovation to areas of the built environment. By that, we understand:

facilities management
building inspection
innovative solutions to urban life.

There is the potential for Shibumi to look at special and extraordinary ideas that fall outside of the above scope. For this to happen, the team would hope to identify innovation that may have potential to impact society at large. Meanwhile, we would still hope to be able to pilot test the particular idea in some way through Gulermak, whether through its vast human resources or in non-specific off-project areas.

Shibumi’s core and its growth is dedicated to helping to diversify Gulermak as it embarks further into the 21st Century.

Shibumi is more than a fund; it is a partner that will augment young and emerging companies to enter into an industry that can be very resistant to change whilst giving them the ability to gain recognition by actual implementation of their products and ideas in some very high profile projects in the above listed fields.